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Apple Steve Paul Jobs still lives with us

Apple Steve Paul Jobs still lives with us in form of his innovations like mac,ipod, iphone & ipad. Hope Steve Jobs would have enjoyed his latest 4s event before leaving us all. Info posted in black and white format on apple website said Steve Jobs – 1955 – 2011 More News & Videos here : […]

SpeakAsiaOnline is Genuine and not a Scam or Fraud

As i wrote on my forum –,94050.0.html Recent i came through this post in India Forums by the webmaster himself Mr.Vijay. His Article subject itself is wrong – Subject looks like this : Speak Asia Online : Genuine or Scam (Fraud)? Read Here! But the article clearly tells that SpeakAsia is a scam. So […]

Rajini rocking all over the world

Came through Kalyan blog and noticed Thalaivar rocking all over the world – Must Watch!!! WoW !!! Pretty interesting , nice to see Our Rajini Sir popularity globally. Hope it was shot by Oct End of 2010. But i came to know only now. Thanks for the students/people who have involved in this excellent Western […]

My First Search on Google Instant

WoW !!! Throughout the day i have been watching the event Launch of Google Instant and wanted to test this new rollout by Google, after 10 years of their april fools joke in 2000. Logged in by around 5.00A.M IST , it said . Yet to have Google Instant. Luckily i could hit back around […]

Indian’s PaisaGate – Helps Me, Track my expenses from Mobile

PaisaGate – Track your expenses from your mobile Being a business entrepreneur for almost from july 2007. I have been wildly searching for an my company and personal expense tracking machine which i want to be to lively, though our office environment is been maintained by lots of excel sheets and tally software. I was […]

Dreaming about Internet World

Hi Acumen, I was really interested to help everyone for creating a new webpage and registereing a new space on this internet era. Is that so easy ? How come we say its easy ? Do we need to be technically sound ? That you have to analyze yourself and comment here. Step 1 > […]