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We Celebrate Our Traditional Pongal in Tamil Nadu

I Remember my early wish @ Happy Pongal Wishes to all My Dear Acumen’s. This Pongal, we have entered our New Home near Our Office Location. Lets this Tamil Festival bring happiness in everyone.

Am been a Blood Donor from ages ago

Last Few Days back i have received a call from a blood bank requesting for my help. Initially i do not understand, later when i start regonizing them. I said, Ofcourse Yes and met them evening along with 5 of my Friends. Only 3 got selected for donating blood. We had donated blood, since i […]

Tata Docomo Spotted in Chennai city

Dear Acumen, Few months back i have wrote in my blog about MTS mobile operator who had posted all our chennai in streat lamps, wall, subways, buses, cycles, road side peoples shirts, etc. Which i found that, MTS should be an local operator. ( http://sudhakar.itacumens.com/?p=66 ) Last week i found advt. about Tata Docomo, which was […]

Update : My HardDisk Dead …cont…

Update of my Previous post : I met two companies in India for hard disk recovery. One local vendor and One Man show Mr.Avatar ( Seperate Hardisk Recovery Shops ), Who have checked my Sata Hdd and reported that the platter on hdd seems to have problem (Hardware Problem) so there is no chance on […]

After a Long Time

I was checking all the search engines and found an untouched page of IT Acumens after a long time. Its our Very Old and currently working Guest Book. http://www.itacumens.com/guestbook2/index.php I found it with good and prompt comments. Have took many hours to clear the spam post . On the new 2009 page, i will ask […]

60th Republic Day Celebrated in INDIA – 1st Time Without Our P.M.

Tomorrow will be remarkable day in our calendar. Its our Nations 60th Republic Day. I was Really Worried for two reasons, 1 st an Flag Hosting without our Prime Minsiter ( Health Prob. ) Though i was really not interested in it, i was worried about these TV Programs scheduled for 26th Jan 09 in […]

My Latest Fav. Album by A.R.Rahman

Jiya Se Jiya – Good Quality Video from AR Rahman’s New Album ‘Connections’ This is one of the Excellent Song by A.R.Rahman. Congrates A.R.Rahman, for achieving Gloden Globe Award for his Recent Hit Slumdog Millionaire.

Happy Pongal Wishes to all My Dear Acumen’s.

We are celebration Pongal Festival in our State. Our Religious Celebrations. Some prepare a delicious pongal and pray the god. The Next day, We celebrate Mattu Pongal and followed by Kanam Pongal. Happy Pongal Wishes to all My Dear and Near Acumen’s.

Something About My Future

Today i have planned to start my own blog @ Acumens Community. Someday in the future, Sudhakar will be a worth baby. Maybe. We wil see. This is after my degree, of course. Later managing IT Acumens with a team of 12. hmmm, all were Engineers. Yes am gonna try and go for Quality Postings, […]