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Marital Status Update

Dear Acumen, As my age gets older, my chance of discussing about my Marital Status is more important. Everywhere if you notice my profile, you could see my Marital Status as Strongly Committed. Is that Strongly mean, am i too over conscious about my life, biggest love on the world. hmmm its an break point […]

60th Republic Day Celebrated in INDIA – 1st Time Without Our P.M.

Tomorrow will be remarkable day in our calendar. Its our Nations 60th Republic Day. I was Really Worried for two reasons, 1 st an Flag Hosting without our Prime Minsiter ( Health Prob. ) Though i was really not interested in it, i was worried about these TV Programs scheduled for 26th Jan 09 in […]

Something About My Future

Today i have planned to start my own blog @ Acumens Community. Someday in the future, Sudhakar will be a worth baby. Maybe. We wil see. This is after my degree, of course. Later managing IT Acumens with a team of 12. hmmm, all were Engineers. Yes am gonna try and go for Quality Postings, […]